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Our team of email marketing experts specializes in creating trackable results through reporting and analysis that help you understand the full scope of your marketing efforts. We handle the data and proof of results crucial to a successful marketing campaign.

Is Email Marketing and SMS the Right Solution for Your Business?

Are you struggling to build customer relationships? Do you wish there was a cheaper and more time-efficient way to develop your brand and reach potential customers? Email marketing and SMS are some of the best ways to reach existing or target customers and have a high ROI. We can help improve your marketing returns by launching campaigns, creating detailed email designs, providing in-depth reports, and more.

Email marketing can benefit small and large businesses alike. Our team is able and excited to help companies at any stage, from established giants to small businesses looking to get to the next level.

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Are We A Good Fit For You?

At Pouch Marketing, we maintain open and constant communication with our clients. Our process is built around our relationships with clientele and centered on collaboration to drive results. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings
  • Monthly progress reports with detailed information
  • Commitment to due dates
  • A team that knows how to drive marketing ROI

What Is Email and SMS Marketing?

Email and SMS marketing involves sending personalized ads to customers through email or direct text messages. Through email marketing, you can share product releases, sales, promotions, newsletters, and updates directly to customers on your contact list. 

Email marketing is subscription-based and voluntary. Customers can subscribe to a regular newsletter or email list for specific updates and can unsubscribe at any time. Email marketing focuses on attracting and retaining specific customer demographics by creating content they want to see regularly.

At Pouch, we’ve moved away from general mass mailings and, instead, focus on segmenting and targeting your customer base. Our strategy is to not only drive sales but help build your company’s culture, strengthen customer loyalty, and drive higher customer LTV.

Our Email & SMS Services Include:

Automation/Customer Journeys

We automate the emails and messages that guide your customers through the purchase and loyalty process.

Campaigns (Newsletters and Segmented Sends)

We launch new products or ad campaigns to keep your customers engaged and excited.

Advanced Segmentation

We can segment your customer base and target specific audiences to keep your emails personalized

List Cleaning

We will keep your email lists organized and clean so you don’t have to worry about unsubscribing or spam rates.

Responsive Email Design

We respond to customer and client feedback to ensure your email design matches your brand.

In-Depth Reporting

We keep you updated through audits and research to track marketing ROI and continuously improve.

The Process / Deliverables

Each part of our process is intentional and goal-driven. During the first month, we perform a series of in-depth audits to understand your current campaign, automation strategy, and opportunities for improvement and optimization. After the initial research, we provide you with a detailed roadmap that lays out steps and projects to help you attain your email and SMS marketing goals.


Optimize Current Strategies

Optimize current sending strategies and low-hanging automation opportunities to immediately impact monthly revenue and KPIs such as open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribes, etc.


Execute a 6 Month Strategy

Start executing a six-month sending strategy to promote monthly priorities, improve monthly performance, and start working toward a bigger goal of engaging your audiences in a more customized way. Improve your deliverability and build your lists with healthy emailing practices, all while improving ROI each month.


Build Additional Flows & Improvements

Build up additional opportunities with all-new upselling flows. Increase campaign sending frequency with additional segmentation, and continue to suggest improvements that will scale your email marketing to become an even more successful revenue generator.

What To Expect

We are transparent in all our work. We will schedule regular calls and email contacts to maintain consistent communication and report a clear expectation of marketing deliverables and strategy. Our reports outline successes as well as points for improvement moving forward:

Approvals on All New Email Designs & Copy


Clear interactions regarding monthly campaign calendars and segmentation strategies.

Monthly Reports

Reporting on all KPIs, including email and SMS-attributed revenue, list growth, automation performance, etc.

Weekly Updates

Updated on progress, optimizations, and performance metrics.

Full Service Email Management

We can do everything from ideating new email topics to sending final emails and reporting on the growth.

Email & SMS Alignment

These services go hand in hand so that the copy, visuals, and strategies are consistent and cohesive, no matter what platforms you use


Klaviyo is our primary platform for eCommerce brands. We can manage—and often suggest—full transitions from other platforms like Mailchimp when possible. We also manage most other ESPs as requested like Active Campaign, SendinBlue, Mailchimp, etc.

We utilize both custom design (designed in Adobe to create beautiful, on-brand visuals) and native ESP builders to fully optimize emails based on your aesthetic as well as mobile vs. desktop, load speed, conversion performance, etc.

Flows or automations are sequential emails triggered by specific customer actions. That’s why you receive an email when you subscribe with a discount code or leave an item in your cart. They’re a great way to set up curated journeys that drive significant revenue yet only require minimal upkeep once they’re created!

Yes! Although many brands are intimidated by the newness and more invasive nature of SMS, it’s a critical part of your marketing. There are ways to approach your SMS marketing to enhance your email strategies and create even more customer loyalty without bothering your customers.

Case Studies

Our strategy is more than just a theory—we’ve applied our approach to real clients and seen real results. Read through our email-and-SMS-specific case studies below to learn how we executed our strategy to get real-world results.

Gibson Look

Gibsonlook is a customer-centric clothing company that designs versatile and comfortable clothes for the everyday wardrobe.



Maxpro Fitness is a fitness company on a mission to revolutionize exercise through compact and portable workout machines.



MANTRA Labs is a nutrition company that creates better health through products that help you do more of what you love.


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