EDGEhomes SEO Case Study


New Ranking Keywords


Daily Reach From Search (From a Single Content Piece)

The Client

EDGEhomes is a leader among Utah home builders, designing and building award-winning homes in Salt Lake County and Utah County.

The Need

EDGEhomes has seen great success from content marketing and SEO efforts. In addition to other content and authority-building efforts, we identified a unique opportunity to target the keyword “Rambler Home” and many closely related terms. We found that this keyword had a uniquely high search volume (especially locally in Utah), and was a great opportunity to build brand awareness and encourage backlinks.

The Action

We started with robust keyword research to identify the right topics to cover with our content. We also reviewed
competitor content to identify opportunities and ensure that we were able to produce something that was more
complete, and better optimized than anything that was already ranking. With input from EDGEhomes, we produced a detailed content outline and strategy, including consideration for Google’s People Also Ask questions and other search enhancements. We then drafted the content following best practices and published the content as a dedicated landing page. Once the content was published, we went to work promoting the
piece with backlinks from relevant and authoritative sources.

The Results

Within three months’ time, this page quickly gained rankings and started bringing traffic to the website. This page ranks for over 1,000 keywords including top 3 position rankings for keywords like: rambler house, rambler home, what is a rambler house, rambler style house, and many more. The page brings traffic to the site daily and sees more than 1,000 impressions per day in Google search.

We love working with Pouch for the professionalism and expertise they bring to the table. They always provide us with up-to-date numbers and analytics, which helps us to understand and consistently improve our website traffic. They’re personable and responsive to any questions or needs that we have.

Lauren Best